HiddenCreek Brittanys


We are planning to repeat this breeding mid to late June 2018

Puppies are here!    

Born Aug 16, we have 5 puppies, 3 boys and 2 girls
These puppies are all spoken for
Sire: Am/Can Ch Hiddencreek's Lion of Judah CGN

Dam:  Ch Hiddencreek's By Faith Alone CD RA FDJ


Puppies are two weeks today, they have more than doubled their birth weight.  They are just starting to open their eyes and move around a little more

Puppies are 3 weeks old today.  They have had their first sold food, a raw meat mixture.  Their table manners aren't the best but they will learn.  They are all coming out of the crate to potty.  They're moving around a lot more now and they have even found their voice.  Its quite funny.

Puppies are 4 weeks today, little personalities are beginning to appear.  I will try to get them out on the grass for a few minutes today

A little outdoor time today for the first